DynamicSync has incorporated a new feature into the system: the ICS Calendar URLs


What Is It?

When creating an event, DynamicSync automatically creates Calendar links in the background. This means you are able to send your attendees a link to add to their Gmail and Outlook Calendars!

The system will also allow you to send the links to your staff to add to their calendars as well!

What Do You Need To Do?

You will notice in your event, two calendar images are generated on the far right:


Simply Click either the Gmail or Outlook images to add to your calendar and send to staff assisting with the event.


To add the links into your emails to Attendees, you will need to create a custom field.

Hint: Remember it is easy to create a custom field directly from your DynamicSync app

From the DynamicSync App -> Settings Click the button “Add Custom Field



Create the custom field as a Text Field:


Once Created, map the newly created Custom Field to the ICS Calendar URL Field in DynamicSync:


Click the Sync Button:


Now all that is left to do is add the Merge Field into your Email Correspondence with the attendees on Infusionsoft!

Add the Merge Field into your email and Cut it (CTRL + X), Highlight the words you want to link i.e. Gmail Calendar. Select URL and paste the merge field.

Depending on whether you are linking to Gmail or Outlook, please add either ?calType=gmail or ?calType=outlook directly behind the pasted merge field.





Each event has it’s own Calendar URL which will be automatically generated and inserted into the Emails from the Merge Field!

So all of the above only needs to be done once!

We hope this feature will enhance your experience!

The DynamicSync Team