Anton Menkveld is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, web programmer and technical wizz.

He is passionate about technology, software and business, and believes that with the use of technology, small and medium businesses can punch above their weight and play a much bigger game.

He also believes that entrepreneurs, who are engaged in what they do and do what they’re good at and love, are a force to be reckoned. They are the ones crazy enough to believe that they can make a difference and therefore do.

As an entrepreneur and business owner for the past 15 years, Anton and his team are very familiar with the daily challenges that business owners face, as they personally had to learn to overcome these problems.

It’s a typical cycle where business owners work really hard to get things moving, and once things starts to flow; they have to keep working longer hours to keep up with everything that needs to be done.

Anton discovered that an investment in systems and business automation software like Infusionsoft coupled with apps like DynamicSync, can make all the difference and ultimately help small businesses succeed.


DynamicSync is Anton’s brainchild and is maintained by himself and his team. This app was created to assist Designer Life Technology’s clients to streamline the work involved in running live events and webinars.

What started out as a couple of simple Infusionsoft API scripts have now developed into a fully developed Infusionsoft app, used to run hundreds of live and online events.

The team loves the process of developing apps that are practical and useful for business and plan to continue to expand the DynamicSync product range. With tons of ideas for apps in the future, you’ll want to watch this space.