Save yourself countless hours and thousands of dollars with our pre-built event management campaigns pushed directly into your Infusionsoft app.

Built by the experts

We are experts at event management with Infusionsoft and these campaigns are built with our secret sauce.

Tried & Tested

Our campaigns are tried and tested and works out of the box, saving you hours of debugging and frustration.

Directly into Infusionsoft

Campaigns are pushed directly into your Infusionsoft app and all the required custom fields and tags are created for you.

Detailed Instructions

Our campaigns include lots of notes and detailed instructions on how to customize them for your specific requirements.

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Event Management Campaign for Free Events


This campaign is great for promoting and managing recurring free events with a single Infusionsoft campaign.

Here is what this campaign can do for you:

  1. Display the upcoming dates & venues for your event
  2. Allow people to select a date and venue and register on your website
  3. Send a confirmation email with all the event information
  4. Send each participants link to a unique printable ticket event ticket
  5. Send reminders emails before the event
  6. Send a reminder text message on the day of your event
  7. Track event attendance by scanning tickets with the iPhone Scanner App
  8. Quickly follow up with attendees and no-shows separately

Event Management Campaign for Paid Events

This campaign will streamline the process of selling tickets to your events by integrating with Infusionsoft’s built-in eCommerce features.

This campaign can do the same as the campaign above, PLUS:

  1. Allow people to pay for their ticket
  2. Use the eCommerce features of Infusionsoft
  3. Send email reminders if the persons does not complete payment
  4. Ensure that you collect your money BEFORE the event

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