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DynamicSync is the leading event promotion and management app for Infusionsoft, designed to help industry experts and event organizers to increase event attendance, convert more sales and save hours of work of manual work.

Increase Event Attendance


  • All event details and scheduled dates are stored are in one location
  • Event details are displayed on your WordPress website automatically
  • All pre-event emails will have the correct event information and go out on the right date and time
  • Well timed text messages will ensure no one forgets your events
  • Easily notify attendees of last-minute changes

Make More Sales


  • Increased event attendance will increase sales
  • Well-timed and accurate emails or text messages during the event or at the time of the offer will increase action-taking and sales
  • Quick and accurate follow-up emails to attendees will leverage the event and increase sales
  • Easily restate your offer to attendees
  • Follow-up with no-shows and make them a separate offer

Save Yourself Hours


  • Enter event information ONCE and DynamicSync will display it on your WordPress website and update your Infusionsoft Campaigns
  • No more duplicating Infusionsoft campaigns when running another event. Use the same campaign over and over.
  • Track event attendees electronically by scanning tickets and record all information directly into Infusionsoft.

What are people saying

Anton Menkveld over at Dynamic Sync has been amazingly helpful on the projects I’ve already implemented thus far. DynamicSync works wonderfully and reduces the manual work down SIGNIFICANTLY as you only need to enter venue information in one place and all the sequences will be updated accordingly.

MIssy Wilreker

Owner, Powerhat

Awesome plugin. We use it for all event management and it is easy to manage and implement.

Pascal Martin

NLP Master Coach & Performance Coach, PM & Associates