Campaign Builder’s Toolkit

We build Infusionsoft Campaigns to manage events every day, so we created the Campaign Builder’s Toolkit! and filled it with the tools essential for automating event management with Infusionsoft

Split Firstname Field

People filling in web forms often enter their first name and last name in a first name box. This causes a bit of a problem when using the firstname field in emails.

We have created a highly intelligent first name splitter that can separate title, first name, middle name, last name and suffix and writes these values into the corresponding fields in Infusionsoft.

Basic Calculations

Have you event wanted to make a quick calculation in the Campaign Builder and send the answer to a contact via email? How about incrementing or decrementing a counter?

With our Calculate Field Value tool it is easy to do all basic mathematical calculations including: add, subtract, multiply, divide, square and square root.

Human Date Formats

Have you ever wanted to send a date field, but in a human readable format? Maybe you have clients in other parts of the world and you would like the dates formatted to their liking?

Our date formatting tool allows you to format any date field into a variety of different formats.

Here are some examples: Jun 12, 2014, Thursday, July 3, 2014, July 3rd, 12 September 2014 and many more.


Copy a Field Value

Have you ever needed to take a value stored in one field and copy it to another field? Our Copy Field tool makes this super easy.

It can even copy many fields at the same time by just separating the field names with commas.

Our Campaign Builder's Toolkit comes FREE with your DynamicSync account!