WordPress released version 4.2.3 on 23 July 2015 with some security fixes which have caused major havoc around the Internet. Unfortunately we are not spared, so in order to get your website back to working order after the update, here are some instructions:

Step 1: Update your DynamicSync Plugin

Download the latest version of the DynamicSync plugin and install on your website:

Download the updated plugin here
See Installation instructions here

Step 2: Add special fix shortcode to registration page (Infusionsoft Webform)

Add the following shortcode anywhere on the pages where you have the Infusionsoft event registration form:

[dynamicsync_event_date_id_script hidden_field="inf_custom_EventDateId"]

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the value for hidden_field in the shortcode, matches the name of the hidden field in the Infusionsoft form.

In the Infusionsoft registration form you might have:

<input name=”inf_custom_EventDateId” type=”hidden” value=”[dynamicsync_event_info urlEventDateId field='event_date_id']” />

The name in the form (in this case “inf_custom_EventDateId”), must be exactly the same as the value in the shortcode.

Step 3: Fix other shortcodes single and double quotes.

WordPress changed the way shortcodes work. It is now vital that quotes in side the shortcode is different from those outside.

In other words, when using ” (double quotes) outside, you must use ‘ (single quotes) inside and visa versa.

These examples will work:
<img src=’[dynamicsync_event_info urlEventDateId field="user1"]‘>
<img src=”[dynamicsync_event_info urlEventDateId field='user1']“>

but these will no longer work:
<img src=’[dynamicsync_event_info urlEventDateId field='user1']‘>
<img src=”[dynamicsync_event_info urlEventDateId field="user1"]“>

Step 4: Fix Conditional Output – Showing and Hiding Event Information

To be able to show and hide a section on a page based on whether an event is scheduled or not, you might have something like the following in the text view of your page:

<div style=”display:[dynamicsync_event_info conditionalOutput trueOutput="block" falseOutput="none" eventId="52a00e13d554a6219251" eventSeqNo=2]“></div>

Due to the recent security update from WordPress, this unfortunately no longer works.

Here is an example of how to fix this problem:

<div [dynamicsync_event_info conditionalOutput trueOutput='style="display:block"' falseOutput='style="display:none"' eventId='52a00e13d554a6219251' eventSeqNo=4]>

What you will notice is that the complete style=”display:block” and style=”display:none” has been moved to inside the shortcode’s trueOutput and falseOutput

Please pay careful attention to the style of quotation marks used. e.g. falseOutput=”style=’display:block’ “. The outer quotation marks are ” (double) with the inner quotation marks being ‘ (single).