Imagine this scenario:

  • You run free preview events, twice a month.
  • The preview events sell people into a 3 day, $2999 training workshop.
  • You use 3 different venues in 3 different cities for you preview events.
  • You have a sales page that displays details of upcoming events such as dates, times and venues.
  • People can register online for upcoming events of their choice.
  • You want to send well timed emails and SMS prior to the event to increase event attendance.
  • You want to track who attends and who does not.
  • You want to¬†follow up after the event to increase conversions.
  • You want all of this to happen automatically so that you can focus on your presentation.

Does this sounds familiar? Now imagine this:

  • You log into a cloud-based app and schedule a new date, time and venue for your next preview event (approx. 5 minutes)
  • Your sales page is automatically updated. Old events fall away and upcoming events are displayed.
  • People can register online for the upcoming event of their choice.
  • Once registered, people receive emails with the correct information at exactly the right time before the event.
  • At the event you use your iPad with a simple, alphabetical attendee list to mark people as present.
  • After the event, attendees are automatically tagged in Infusionsoft.
  • Attendees automatically start to receive post-event follow-up emails and your conversion rates are dramatically improved.
  • Absentees are automatically nurtured and invited to attend a future event, increasing long term conversions.

DynamicSync is designed to make this a reality!

  • Central location to store event information
  • Tightly integrated with Infusionsoft
  • Built in SMS functionality
  • Built in attendance tracking with iPad attendee list
  • Printable tickets and FREE iPhone scanner app for larger events
  • FREE ¬†WordPress plugin to keep your website and sales pages up to date
  • Charge with your Infusionsoft merchant facility or PayPal, no need to pay other event booking systems
  • ….and much more

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