We believe in keeping things simple and working smarter and not harder, especially when it comes to your events.

It can be hard to keep clear, level-headedness about hitting your goals when you’re in the middle of event planning.

Here is our framework for running Smarter Events:

DynamicSync’s SMART Events Framework


S – Simple

Save yourself hours of manual work and headaches by storing your event dates, venue information, pricing and contact information in one central place.

DynamicSync will automatically update any changes you make in your Infusionsoft campaigns and on your website through our free WordPress Plugin, so campaigns are error-proof.

Choose from five customizable calendar layout options to display information on your website or create your own calendar and lay-out.

M – Manageable

Make event registration easy with pre-built event management campaigns for recurring, free and paid events. Manage all recurring events with a single Infusionsoft campaign and save yourself hours of debugging and frustration.

A – Automate Attendance

Any event organizer knows how hard it is to get bums on seats. So stop annoying people who’s already registered with more Register-Now emails and rather entice them to bring along a friend.

Increase attendance and look more professional with DynamicSync’s tagging system and highly targeted and personalized, well-timed pre-event emails with specific messages tailored to the interests of each group e.g. registered, not-yet-registered, VIPs and affiliate members.

Automatically create printable tickets unique to each attendee and use text messages for last minute offers, venue changes and reminders.

For registered attendees, get the event straight-away into their calendars with a Google Venue Map and Add-to-Calendar button on your Thank-you page. Then continue to build curiosity and excitement leading up to the event by sending out interesting information, videos and relevant information like transportation options and event agendas via a pre-planned email sequence.

For people who opened emails but haven’t registered yet, show them what they’ll miss with highlights and testimonials from past events, and entice them to register with special offers.

R – Run Flawless Events

The difference between good and great events is attention to detail and execution of marketing, the automation of repetitive admin tasks and good management of the actual event on the day.

It’s critical to allow attendees to register and pay securely for events online. DynamicSync allows for different pricing structures like early bird discounts, group rates and the use of promotion codes. A smooth payment and refund process is essential for a successful event.

DymanicSync’s online registration system can pre-populate attendee data into registration forms and allows for multiple guest registrations and bookings per person which dramatically increases response rates and event attendance.

Printable tickets, unique to each attendee, and the unique DynamicSync Smartphone Ticket Scanner App make check-in a breeze on the day of the event. The App which can also be used on tablets is designed to make it quick and easy to scan attendee tickets at the door.

Customization in every facet of event planning is a proven secret to attendee satisfaction and overall success and event software systems that automate tedious functions make this happen.

T – Tagging, Tracking & Tweaking

Scanning tickets will ensure the person is immediately tagged correctly in Infusionsoft and helps you distinguish between attendees and people who couldn’t attend.

This knowledge will help you to create customized follow-up campaigns to increase sales for both groups by repeating event offers, extending offer expiry dates or offering non-attendees an alternative offer.

Tagging and tracking will further assist you in creating relevant customized post-event surveys through third party services like SurveyMonkey.

Post-event surveys will help you discover what attendees liked best about the event, where improvements can be made and why some people couldn’t attend the event e.g. scheduling conflicts or location issues.

Let us know how our Smart Events Management App helps you to run smarter events.