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Step 1. Schedule Your Event Dates with DynamicSync

Step 2. Your Website is Updated Automatically


Step 3. Visitors choose a date and register for your event

Choose any of the following customizable layout options:

1. Upcoming Dates List

  • This calendar displays all the upcoming dates for a specific event
  • Visitor can choose a date to register for
  • Use an image to make your calendar more visually appealing
  • Event price and description can be displayed

Supercharge Your Events on Infusionsoft

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Thursday, March 2, 2017
15:00 AEST

A webinar to assist businesses get the most out of managing events on Infusionsoft

2. Sidebar Upcoming Event List

  • Use shortcodes to create the format you require
  • Multiple date format options
  • Link to event pages
  • Link to registration forms

Upcoming Events

Thu, Mar 2 - Supercharge Your Events on Infusionsoft - Register

3. Full Event Calendar

  • Displays event in full calendar format
  • Color coded event types
  • Click on an event to go to the registration form


4. Event Table

  • Displays all your events in a table format
  • List is sortable by title, date, time and venue
  • Customizable columns


Title Date Time Venue
Supercharge Your Events on Infusionsoft 15:00 AEST Register

5. One-Step Registration Forms

  • Put the event registration form directly on your event landing page
  • Visitor can select the event date from a dropdown or from a date selector


Selecting Event Date using a Date Picker Field


Please complete the form below to register:


Selecting Event Date using a Dropdown Box


Please complete the form below to register:

6. Venue Map and Add to Calendar button for your Thank-you pages

  • For super professional look, display a map to your event on the thank-you page after the person registered.
  • Make sure they have your event in their diaries with the Add to Calendar button on the thank-you page.

Supercharge Your Events on Infusionsoft

Date & Time: 2 March 2017



Create Your Own Layout

  • Use shortcodes to insert event date, time, venue, price, descriptions etc. directly into the text of your website.
  • Provides great flexibility to create your own calendars and layouts


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